I am really glad that I decided to start my training with Todays Consulting. After three months of struggling with 4 Trainers and being frustrated with the previous Training Company I had totally lost interest in the subject as well my confidence. After starting with you I am really gaining confidence in the material/subject. I really appreciate your dedication towards your trainees/students.

Krishna is an Excellent Instructor and he is very patient when answering our questions. I really like the way he is teaching Quality Assurance. Kudos to Todays Consulting instructors.

Krishna is very professional and an excellent tutor. He uses real-time examples that makes students to know better how to put the knowledge in to practice.

Todays Consulting Online training is a very effective with realtime scenarios and I am glad that I was able to take this course without having to travel. I really liked the Mockup interview sessions at the end of the course and it’s very useful..can’t miss it.

This was THE MOST engaging course I have ever taken. It wasn’t even close to what I was anticipating. I was captivated from the beginning and eagerly preceded through the entire course.

This type of training requires you participate instead of simply ‘listening to the instructor’. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this course by participating in group discussions.
-Melissa R.

I just finished the QA Online Training from Todays Consulting. QA course was very thorough and well presented. The instructor is thorough, friendly and encouraging throughout the sessions. I recommend this course to everyone.
-Randy S.

This training will not only help you getting the job in QA field but also it will make you a good QA Engineer. The QA material is very relevant, hands on, proven and plentiful.

It was great…the entire course….explained many areas for me…thank you!!

Amazing course. Krishna is such a great instructor. It was great how he put everything together. Really nice!

Just wanted to inform you that Krishna is a great trainer. Some concepts like test case development, defect management process, Test Phases I knew but was not good at them, He has not only made them clear but also explained in a way that it will be easy to remember. Great way of teaching.

Thanks for completing the training in a very professional way. I would like to “Thank You” to Todays Consulting for all your help and support throughout the training.

Today I have completed my training in Software Quality Assurance Testing . Initially I was not confident about this online course and about the Online instructors. Once I joined the Online course, I feel this is the best way to learn QA . Todays Consulting did great job explaning the QA concepts very clear and helping me working on real-time projects. This really helped me in getting the job. Great job.

I took SQA Training last month and I got a full time job in PNC bank. I really thank Todays Consulting LLC, and in particular to my Instructor Krishna . Kudos!!!!!!

I wanted to take this opportunity again to say thanks for the great training. The QA curriculum really helped push my career path a step up.